Excursion to Remedios from Santa Clara


A nice day excursion from Santa Clara is the town of Remedios, just 1 hour drive through beautiful scenery of farms and rolling hills to the north of our city. San Juan de los Remedios is one of the oldest towns in Cuba; established in 1513, the Spanish settlers found the area very suitable for cattle raising and agriculture, becoming a prosperous town very quickly. You can still get a glimpse of its 17th. Century heyday in the areas around the main square, with the well preserved church and large homes from local landowners from those days, now converted into hotels, restaurants or shops.


If you are in the area in December, don’t miss Remedios’ famous festival “Parrandas” when the sleepy town goes crazy in carnival celebrations: the town splits in two camps trying to outdo each other with over the top floats and massive fireworks blasts, with all night street partying around town.

Remedios is conveniently located on the way from Santa Clara to some of the best beaches in Cuba: Cayo Santa Maria, so you can combine an excursion to the beach with a short stop in Remedios; spend an hour seeing the highlights around the main square, it makes for a nice stroll in a lovely colonial ambiance, before continuing your excursion to the beaches.

Whether you take a day excursion from Santa Clara, or stop on your way to the beaches, Remedios is a visit we can recommend to anyone interested in seeing one of the nicest Cuban towns enveloped in a colonial atmosphere, without throngs of visitors like other better known destinations in Cuba.

Traditional Cuban music at El Mejunje

If you are visiting Santa Clara on a weekend and you want to enjoy live traditional Cuban music at its best, don’t miss the “Good Luck Fridays” with the band Los Fakires, a  legend in the central region of Cuba: they have played Son, guarachas and boleros for decades, covering the hits that Cubans have been dancing to for generations.

Los Fakires have shared the stage in La Caridad Theater with some of the most popular Cuban artists, or provided the rhythms for  massive block parties in Santa Clara, but in the nightclub El Mejunje you have the chance to enjoy their unique style in a more intimate setting. Don’t miss out and join visitors and locals in the dancing floor, or just enjoy the tunes and spectacle with a refreshing mojito in hand!

El Mejunje – 

“Viernes de la Buena Suerte” con Los Fakires – 10:00 PM

Hotel Central is almost completed

One of the landmark buildings in Santa Clara overlooking our main square Parque Vidal will soon open after years of renovations: Hotel Central. The hotel will add 26 rooms in a prime location for those stopping by in our beautiful town, but will also be without a doubt one of the prettiest buildings in Santa Clara, and will become the backdrop for many pictures and selfies for locals and visitors alike.

After decades of disrepair the hotel is being restored to its 1929 glory, maintaining intact its original ornate facade, and the ample lobby showcasing the grand marble stairs, a lobby bar, and a terrace bar on the third floor that promises to become a great spot to enjoy many beautiful tropical evenings enjoying the breeze from the square, sipping ‘mojitos’ and listening to great Cuban music.